We are here to help you drive efficient business strategy and build corporate governance. You’ll find there reliable partners on your track from being a local player to becoming a global business leader.

Join Our Second Online Meeting with Spraware!

We’re inviting you to our online info session hosted by Spraware. This event is all about introducing our company, products, and the benefits of working with us.

Here’s what you’ll get as a registered participant:

  • Here’s what’s waiting for you when you join us:
  • Chance to Work Together: Tell us you’re interested in working with us.
  • Consulting Opportunities: Get involved in consulting projects in Poland.
  • Ask Us Anything: We’ll answer any questions you have about consulting.
  • Meet Others: Connect with other people, including Spraware consultants and partners.
  • Exclusive Content: Watch recordings of past Spraware online events where we talked in smaller groups.

During the event, you can join small group chats, share your experiences, and get answers to your questions. Save the date for November 2nd and become part of the Spraware community!

Business Strategy

Our core deliverable – sustainable strategical cycle to help your company succeed through uncertainty.

  • We generate analytical market researches and collect expert opinions for solid foundation of your strategy
  • We hold strategical sessions, prepare and moderate series of strategical meetings, facilitate the teamwork.
  • We help to design strategic dashboards, choose strategic directions and big moves, prioritize strategic programs and projects.
  • We implement the decisions- with the establishing strategic control system, KPI or OKR, project and change management systems, motivation program for executives.

Owner, family and corporate Governance

We are helping to establish high standards of governance in your company, to structure relations between busines partners and to increase effectiveness of owners – individuals and families.

This includes creating and driving your supervisory boards and boards of directors, drafting shareholders and family agreements, consulting on ESG standards and launching family offices.

Finance and Investments

We are strongly focused on financial elements of the strategy and governance. We are equally good in placing and raising smart money.

We can develop and implement a financial and investment strategy both for the companies and high net worth individuals/families.

We are fundraising, design presentations/smart pitch-decks/financial models for fundraising purposes.

Launch management

Starting a brand new business line, launching greenfields are big challenges for existing business.

We have a verified experience in successfull creating spin-offs and infant projects. Such entities as Bridgio Tech Accelerator (our portfolio company) and Astocap Investment Company were established by us for the benefits of our clients.

Launch management needs a unique combination of proven methods of management and experience of working in uncertainty.

Strategy Constructor

We provide access to our Strategy Constructor.
This is our own product, that can help you to create, formalize and track the business strategy.

It is simple to use.
Create a corporate account. Insert initial data: actual business model, market analysis input, raw ideas and statements. Enjoy the wide range of tools for designing strategy: matrixes, whiteboards and ratings. Compose strategic dashboards and roadmaps. Easily track the progress of your strategy and flexibly correct it in details.

Our product is based on Fibery platform, that ensure that your information remains private, secure and available.

Independent AI Director (IAID)

Independent AI Director is more than just an executive, it’s your independent Board member developed by the Spraware team using cutting-edge AI technologies. Our IT solution is designed for business owners, board members, top management, and other key figures.

We follow the international standards, including standarts adopted by Google and OpenAI, to ensure that your confidential information is always protected.

The goal of IAID is to provide your company with a completely independent intellectual partner with impeccable expertise and no personal preferences.

We are proud of working with global-minded leaders and their ambitious teams. Hope that strategies and management tools that we’ve created together are our small contribution to their present and upcoming success.

There are so many consultants and advisory firms around. What does make SPRAWARE different?

  • Our proven track-record and references

    This is our best card. See above some of our clients and we are open to provide contacts for the reference.

  • Solid foundation

    Our approach is based on a fundamental understanding of the nature of business. Model-System-Person framework explains how every business works and how to increase extremely the сhances of successful decisions. But also we rely on tools widely recognized by the professional community and certified by the international standard ICMCI Global

  • Own IT solution for strategy executing

    Do you know lots of consultancy firms with their own IT solutions? We create our Strategy Constructor for practical support of our clients' strategies. We do not "text strategies at the table" (or feeding file servers with presentations). We put decisions into the working environment and implement it in daily processes

  • Perfomance-based remuneration

    We are ready to put "skin in the game" - portion of our fees could be postponed and linked to business success of soltions provided. Also we are open for co-investing in new business projects together with our clients.

  • Worldwide presence

    We give our clients access to Europe area (with our offices in Warsaw and Lithuania), US (with our presence in Washington DC), MENA (with our presence in Dubai, UAE)

  • Unlimited advisory resources

    Hard to believe but this is true. We work not as a standard firm but as a consultancy network, so we can assemble a team of any size for the client's project, relying on it.

Spraware has been accredited by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Spraware is now pre-qualified to offer the following advisory services to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises benefiting from EBRD-supported projects:

  • Strategy
  • Organizational development
  • Operations
  • Marketing

This signifies that our projects can be realized with partial cost coverage and under the oversight of the European Bank for the EBRD as a part of the BAS program, designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises.