Independent AI Director

Independent AI Director (IAID) from Spraware: Your Business Management Advisor

IAID is more than just an executive, it’s your independent Board member developed by the Spraware team using cutting-edge AI technologies. Our IT solution is designed for business owners, board members, top management, and other key figures.

IAID maintains standards of data security and privacy. We follow the international standards, including standarts adopted by Google and OpenAI, to ensure that your confidential information is always protected. 

How IAID Works​

1.  Upload data about your company, industry, and specifics.
2.  Upload your company’s historical reports.
3.  Upload the current company reports.
4.  Receive an assessment of your situation, proposals, solution evaluations, and more.​
5.  Receive any clarifications on reports and situations.
6.  Interaction with the system occurs through a chat line.

IAID allows you to upload documents including tables and figures. You can also integrate it with your company’s accounting system. 

What You Get With IAID

  • Evaluation of the situation, execution of plans, and development projects based on reports from current and previous periods.
  • Forecast of the situation’s development based on specified indicators in multiple scenarios.
  • Proposals for further actions.
  • Evaluation of proposed solutions/suggestions of other directors.
  • Answers to any clarifying questions regarding reports, proposals, and solutions.
  • Evaluation of the correctness of managerial reporting with reasons and explanations.
  • Suggestions for improving reporting, including necessary indicators and calculation methodologies.

Advantages of IAID

No personal preference, so there will be no conflicts of interest between the IAID's position and the company's views (a common issue with directors)

Deep expertise in all areas of business, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and proficiency in various fields

Capable of identifying trends and dependencies between metrics, including those not obvious to a human

Can immediately provide explanations and suggestions based on the data received

Data confidentiality is protected by international standards adopted by Google and OpenAI

The goal of IAID is to provide your company with a completely independent intellectual partner with extensive expertise and no personal preferences.

Discuss the possibilities of implementing IAID in your company with Spraware

Mail to: sr@spraware.com
Call/Text to: +48 515 778 427