IT Solution for Effective Strategy Planning

Strategy Constructor is a pre-configured framework designed to simplify the process of creating and carrying out a company’s strategy. The strategy development technology embedded in this tool is based on 20+ years of experience of Spraware consultants, ensuring reliability and successful execution of strategic goals.

The process of creating a strategy is based on a unique framework that provides a clear structure and automated mechanism for saving each stage. Strategy Constructor is built on the Fibery platform, which ensures the privacy, security, and availability of your information.

How It Works: Three Key Stages




1. Business Vision. Forming the business owners’ vision or clear definition of goals.
2. Strategic Statements. Collecting key strategic statements from top management.
3. Analysis. Conducting macro and marketing analysis to identify potentials and threats.
4. Business Model. Documenting the current business model for a clear understanding of the current situation.



Solution Design

1. Scenarios. Analyzing various scenarios for effective strategic planning.
2. Marketing Strategy. Creating key elements of the marketing strategy, including customers and products (services).
3. Positioning. Defining positioning and strategic alternatives to achieve competitive advantages.
4. Initiatives. Creating a long list of strategic initiatives to achieve set goals.



Decision Making

1. Key Decisions. Making key decisions in the form of creating a business model and defining strategic KPIs.
2. Shortlist. Identifying a shortlist of strategic initiatives for maximum efficiency.
3. KPIs. Establishing strategic KPIs to evaluate strategy execution.
4. Road Map. Creating a strategic road map, including projects and project programs for subsequent execution.

Unique Features

All in one place

The strategic planning process occurs within a framework where each hypothesis is recorded for future use.

Data confidentiality

Built on the Fibery platform to guarantee confidentiality, safety, and accessibility of your data.

Clear interface

The software solution offers a user-friendly interface that can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Data preservation

All elements of the process are saved, ensuring the ability to return to them at any time.

Spraware Strategy Constructor is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes seeking to enhance their strategic planning capabilities. With Strategic Constructor, you can gain a competitive edge, navigate market challenges, and achieve sustainable growth.

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